Monday, April 3, 2017


Forever Victory
Unity of opposites
The flow
a golden ribbon of eternal Spring
flowering in
held in place by the two
each holding its axis.


Only Pearls

No audience granted to non-essentials.
Words included.

Powder rooms of false entertainment
and distraction
will be taken out from center stage.

The wolf knows -- and can tell -- the difference.
Look into the eyes of the wolf for the answer.

To the thief: Return my PROPERTY!
Hair must be given, not taken.


To The Cleaner: Remove Mordoc please.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Reclaiming Your Willpower Through Positive Hypnosis. Part 1

Listen: Freeing your consciousness so you can expand is revolution starting with you. A trapped consciousness is in anti-Life fashion. You agree to stay in a trapped consciousness as long as you sustain the construct of staying in fear, feeding it by supporting the belief systems and value systems attached to it.

What I do in my hypnosis practice is to break belief systems and value systems which are used to control and enslave human consciousness.

A change of perception creates a shift in focus, which alters the body-mind, loosening it from the dis-empowered construct. My line of work is about freeing consciousness and allowing you to align with your soul purpose.

My role is to facilitate a change of focus that creates a Gestalt effect in you and breaks down the Mind Control matrix that has infected this society.

As a hacker of sorts, I use hypnosis as a strategy to overwrite negative programs with positive shifts that occur in the moment, during your hypnosis session.

Part 2 to come.

The End Where it Begins

We arrive
to the end of the road.

The Path ends
where it all began:

The Portal,
the Nativity scene.

GAIA holds her infant--Christ Conscious Human--
in her loving arms.

GAIA (be)holds her infant--Christ Conscious Human--
with awe,
with reverence,

The infant,
Christ Conscious Human
is bliss-ful,
enfolded in Mother's arms.

Peace surrounds.

The Beginning
has just begun.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


The old nest is burned.

The bald eagles--the old sun god--are rendered nestless.

The sun itself has scorched their lair.
See them jumping into the ai-r,
no-where to go.

The bald eagles--all of them--are nestless,
Their dirty lair lays waste,

The one sun god knocks his head
against the old burning wing of another like himself,
and tumbles down, dead.

The kings of prey are done their preying.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Yesterday the White Dove of Peace
flew into my coffe cup.

She carried an Olive branch.

Today she announces
the END of quarantine Earth.

Pleroma Cosmic pulse arrives.
Breaks the veil.
Energizes Earth.

Galactics stand by in awe.

New Earth.